Are you ready for the EPA proposed revisions to AP-42 Chapter 7?

With recent revisions issued by EPA to Chapter 7, Section 7.1 – Organic Liquid Storage Tanks, along with many reported issues and bugs, EPA announced that they will no long support their TANKS 4.09d emissions calculation software.

DREEM provides an affordable and easy to use solution for Storage Tanks AP-42 Emissions

TANKS 4.09 | Simple & Reliable Option

DREEM Solutions, a cloud-hosted application with a powerful calculation engine, is introducing a simple & reliable alternative that accommodates the new AP-42 proposed revisions. Not only does DREEM remediate many technical issues associated with EPA TANKS 4.09d, it also addresses revised AP-42 calculations such as:

  • Landing a floating roof emissions
  • Tank cleaning emissions
  • Flashing emissions
  • Accounting for heated tanks, fully insulated and partially insulated tanks
  • Net throughput calculations
  • Revised temperature equations and added vapor space temperature equation
  • Revised the calculation of vapor density to use the vapor space temperature rather than use the liquid surface temperature
  • Time periods shorter than one year
  • Adapting equations for heating cycles in fixed roof tanks
  • Applying Raoult’s Law to calculate the contribution of individual chemical species to the total emissions

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About DREEM Solutions

Data Reporting and Enterprise Environmental Management Solutions (DREEM) is a cloud-hosted solution that brings simplicity & powerfulness to the day to day tasks of the sustainability world; by simplifying the user experience while maintaining the capability to crunch, manipulate, analyze & report on data. You can easily keep track of data and metrics for air emissions, green house gases, water, waste and a variety of other sustainability metrics for record-keeping, analysis, and reporting. Visit us at to know more about our software and how we can help you with storage tank emissions calculation and other environmental requirements.